Adding Wireless Charging on Chevy Suburban | Tahoe & GMC Yukon

404 Parts offers a retrofit kit to add on Factory Wireless Charging to your 2015-2020 Chevrolet Suburban / Tahoe and GMC Yukon / Yukon XL.  This article was put together in order to help you give us the information necessary for your specific vehicle after placing your order.  

The ordering process is very easy. Simple check out from the GMC page or the CHEVY page and supply your VIN in the order notes. We may need that for vehicle specific fitment. 

We also will require a few photos of a few parts of the existing center console as for the VIN data doesn't show us everything.  These photos will only take a few minutes to gather and will require just a few basic tools. 

Underside of the Center Console Lid

Please remove the bottom of the lid. This is simply snapped on with retainers. 

Here we are looking for the block off plate to be present as shown above.  

Backside of Center Console

Please remove the rear of the console. You will see 4 screws from the backseat down low. They will be phillips or torx. 

Here we are looking to see if your vehicle had a connector without anything plugged into it. It will be a gray connector (seen above) with three wires going to it (Purple-Green-Black).  Just because you have it though, doesn't mean it is operational. We need to check for 12 Volts at the Purple and a good ground at the Black wire.  


Your 2015-2020 SUV may or may not have the above setup. If you don't, it's OK!  We can still add it, but may require a few more steps and/or parts. 

Email this info to 404 Parts

After you take the photos send them to  Please include your Full Name and Order Number.  Someone will then be in touch!