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GM Performance High Flow Air Filter

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GM Part # 84520923

Upgrade the performance of your vehicle with this Cadillac Performance Replacement Air Filter. Rigorously tested for durability, long-term efficiency, and seamless integration, the filter has been tested to reduce airflow restriction by up to 10% at 330-g/s, providing increased performance both on and off road. Built with a performance appearance, this drop-in replacement filter contains 5 less filter pleats, which allows for an increase in airflow performance, and boasts a filter efficiency of 99.5% when tested to ISO5011. This filter requires no additional calibration and does not void the new Vehicle Limited Warranty.


    • 2015-2020 Cadillac Escalade
    • 2015-2020 GMC Yukon
    • 2015-2020 Suburban
    • 2015-2020 Tahoe
    • 2014-2018 Silverado 1500
    • 2019 Silverado 1500 Limited
    • 2014-2018 Sierra 1500
    • 2019 Sierra 1500 Limited