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14-19 CTS Sedan Grille Packages

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Fitment: 2015.5-2019 CTS Sedan incl V-Sport (Not CTS-V)

If you have an old emblem style 2014-2015 see our our other kit

As many of us CTS enthusiasts are aware of, much of the accessory line is getting hard to and harder to source.  Of this is the popular Black Chrome Grille upgrade.  Deemed discontinued with very few kits floating around they are a rare commodity.   On top of that, they did not work on all cars with Forward Collision Sensing technology. 

Here at we've compiled a Black Chrome as well as Galvano grille package that covers most of CTS option combinations.  This includes Forward sensing.

Some notes on these packages:

  • These are Special Order items. You must send in your VIN for us to make sure we assemble the package correctly.
  • There will be a few cars that we may run into option issues. We will run the Vin and check this all before collecting and processing the order. In other words, we will let you know if it won't work. It won't be trying to put on and then realizing.  
  • 100% Genuine GM Parts